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Put a Block on It
I wrote a thing on using blocks in API design over on the Double Encore Insight blog. It’s an in-depth exploration of a suggestion Collin Donnell put forth (linked in the first paragraph of the article, very worth your time).


Jon Snook just launched Phmral, a simple blog platform with a twist. Anything you publish on your Phmral blog disappears after 1 week. Perfect for topics that spawn from twitter conversations or very time sensitive topics.

Seriously, no accelerometer? You have to change orientations by accessing a settings menu? Unbelievable.

via Curious Rat: Apple Already Makes a Tablet Computer.

I have to say, I thought the Surface looked pretty cool. Lots of great ideas. Windows Phone 7 is the runner up for my mobile operating system of choice, and parts of Windows 8 look smart. But fundamentals like this are the proverbial broad side of the barn, that Microsoft can’t afford to miss.