J. Bradford Dillon

(Oh, just call me Brad)

I'm a software developer specializing in mobile and touch screen interfaces. I work at Dreamsocket

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Untitled Build Log #2

One of the purposes of this site is going to be to bring the content I create (or plan to create) on other sites into one place. Twitter, Tumblr, Dribbble, etc. I’ve always been really uncomfortable with leaving my content in someone else’s hands. So I’m going to centralize the content and surface it in one place.

So the homepage needs to be extremely modular. As such, I’ll need a strongly grid-based design, and a pretty flexible layout.

As a building block, I’m incorporating Unplayed, a single-page product developed by Shaun Inman to track games I’m playing, have played, stopped playing, etc. You can find it below.